Ingrid UlrichBy Ingrid Ulrich
Ingrid’s expedition was to SUP in the middle of Baffin Bay, which is isolated for the most part of the year by the polar stream glaciers that come straight down from the icy Arctic Ocean, until they end up turning into ice floe.

Ingrid Ulrich, reveals her photographs of Greenland

It is through one of the world’s most hostile and wildest environments where Ingrid paddled hundreds of kilometres solo for over 20 days. She lived a unique adventure paddling within gigantic icebergs, glaciers, whales, whilst meeting people living in remote, isolated Inuit communities.

She started her trip on the west coast of Greenland, 250km north of the Arctic Circle at the very bottom of Sermar Kujalleq, known for being one of the most active glaciers in the world. She then headed north to reach the cabin where the renowned scientist Paul Emile Victor undertook his first French polar expeditions, sometimes having to push huge unmelted chunks of ice out of her path.

It was a true expedition that she committed herself to, in a beautiful and incredible environment but one where vicious cold and hostility exist.

Ingrid has been fighting cancer for the last two years. Her expeditions and sport challenges are for most of us a source of encouragement and inspiration, as well as a good lesson in courage and determination. Her guideline is to simply make you dare and to make your dreams come true.